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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Tomorrow is the Mommy's First Day of Vacation

Public school. Gah. As much as I hate it, we are still within the system, but I have to say that I have been looking forward to the first day of school for about, oh, two months now. The kiddos at home are five years old and eleven years old; both boys, and the oldest is bipolar. I have made it through the summer without the use of duct tape or sticking them together in the front yard with signs that say, "I love my brother," so we're doing good so far.

Trying to get ready for setting up at a motorcycle rally over Labor Day weekend, so my flightiness has been amplified; also went for an entire weekend without meds but am in the clear now. (Mr. Somewhat More Efficient Psychiatric Receptionist, the Universe thanks you.)

One of the other misadventures going on at our house is jewelry design. We have just started doing this within the last month, and honestly, I couldn't tell you why or how we started; it just kind of happened. My husband is a veteran and suffers from severe headaches; he kind of starting doing it to relax, I think, but it has evolved into a ritual. He has some awesome designs...Posting photos, but the layout of this blog won't cooperate and I'm a bit tipsy, so they're going to be random.

We've decided to open an etsy store; my broke ass can only list so many things at once, though. My soap line is called Simple Liberty, so that's the name of the store...we decided to call the jewelry line, "Conspiracy Fringe". You can check out some of the other stuff here.

I haven't been doing the necklace thing much myself; I lack the patience. However, I did do a steampunk one, and was pretty excited about how it turned out:

My crafting is very haphazard, so who knows if I can crank something out like that again. Time will tell.

Hope you're having a great evening, and thanks for stopping by!


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