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Saturday, August 3, 2013

"But We Already Played 'Babble Like an Idiot" free weekend. My mom is very generous to my kids, and decided to take them school shopping...but that means that I have to go as well. I don't do well with people in general (read: I don't do well with stupid), and today, we went to an outlet mall. I think I have found out what hell will feel like.
     Top that off with the bipolar tween boy, and I think I lost my mind about eight hours no soaping for Mom tonight. I honestly would rather drink a beer than clean my kitchen right now, anyway.
     The silver lining in all of this madness is that my husband rocks, and once again, is attuned to my desires and found me a new (well, used but new to me) stick blender at a thrift store. Plugged that baby in, and man, does she sing, in ways only a soaper would understand.

     This was an important purchase, as someone in my household moved my former stick blender onto the hot oven...where it melted. It still works, but in an odd, lopsided sort of way.
     I have to share the giggle for the day: I have started making "naughty" melt and pour soaps for the motorcycle rally over Labor Day, and forgot to hide them when I went to bed. My five year old, Ian, saw them on the counter and said, "Cool! They look like bones!"
     Tomorrow is another day...decluttering and soaping are the only things on the agenda, so hopefully I'll have something new and pretty to share with you.  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!


(post title quote courtesy of Spongebob Squarepants)

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